Sleeping underneath the hollow trunk tree, dreaming about things you and I both see : Ground and flowers,  a little stream, a shallow pond, a sunlight beam…

I wake at the noise of giggling ayè, and to my suspicious a fairy there play.

I hold my finger, she grabs it fast.
Doing a curtsey, the meeting short to last.

She flies into the sky with her little fairy wings, throwing me with dust, such shining things.
Suddenly I feel tired
So slow..
So weak..
Find myself on the grass, softly falling asleep.

She whispers in my ear, sleep tight my dear. Always remember to live without fear.
When you wake, the sun will be high, and you’ll feel the heat here where you lie.

Stand up, be strong, move along.
But remember this day, for here I will stay, forever in your imagination, take this here invitation.

Come back to the hollow trunk tree..
I will always be here to see.
Then we can walk hand in hand.. slowly along the stream with our toes in the sand.


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