Waking you up


“You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to.” — Robin Williams




What is poetry but a lifeless expression.
Sometimes from another dimension.
A worthy scream, a worthy shout.
The way all poets let their emotions out.
Sometimes it’s hollow, sometimes dark, sometimes it ignites a fiery spark.
But one thing is true and one thing is right, we all have our battles to fight.
Life isn’t easy, it never will be, it all depends on how you will see..
The situation on paper, in mind or with soul, sometimes it’s better to let the confusion go, not giving up is a better choice, listen to your inner voice.

…Lost but found..


How lost are we?    
In this little big world…
With wide open eyes and arms tightly curled.. 
We think to sadness we will forever be bound, when we closely observe without making a sound..                 
“Être fort” be strong, our souls silently whisper, even though the world turns like a twister.
A hand reaches out and then we are found,  placed where we belong on peaceful ground.
Now we are safe, now we are sound, here together on peaceful ground

Are we fading?


And then we see a flower and we have this burning desire to pick it, to actually cut its lifeline.. Leaving it in our home, leave it to weep until the last whiff of fragrance is released…

Why do we love to want what is not needed
Leave what shouldn’t be abandoned?
Accept the wrong
Question the right
{Or do we have the problem that we can’t tell the difference anymore}

Have you seen a flower in a window?
Perfectly preserved, almost lifelike.. Yet… The true essence making it a flower has faded..

Are we fading human beings?
Do we like this captivity we place ourselves in, willingly?
We grow thorns to keep out the bad but in the process we also hurt the good.
Or do we just give up and dry out

Keeping a long lasting picture, a mask, an illusion of something we once were

. .Sometimes. .


Sometimes our boats turn upside down
Sometimes we smile and
Sometimes we frown.

Air that is thinning,
Mind that keeps spinning.
Clouds go by..
When night starts to fall the sun trades his place with the moon in the sky

Sometimes we shiver
Sometimes we shake
But remember this, the world is ours to take! In life one learns to extend oneself.
And in the end you will only have to answer to yourself.