… Distortion

My eyes grew darker every day
I could only see the black and white
There was nothing more that I could hide


I am nothing more than a shadow of who I use to be.
Who am I..?
What happened..??
Am I really this.. distorted..???

Almost everything I believed in fell apart, like vanishing tables, leaving only the tablecloth to slowly fall down, into the mud.


Pollution then soaking in, discolouring everything that use to be filled with colour and life.

This life isn’t what I imagined it to be.

Somehow I think that I’ve just had enough. I have missed a few memos on how to live life because I’m just moving now, I’m not really living.

So many people expect things of me, so much so that I don’t even know what I want for myself anymore.
I’m tired of pleasing!
Can’t I just live?
Can’t I just love?
Can we stop the war inside?
Be brave..



Not all who wander are lost..

I think I miss open roads..
The cold breath of morning air
A gentle breeze in my hair


Give me the rope,
I sure would love to fly,
Looking at everything from the sky:
A river, the mountains, the tallest trees,
The many birds and the many bees.

I don’t have a destination.
I don’t have a care.
So which ever road I choose to wander,
Will take me there.

Over the ocean, along the sand.
I have to grip tightly with my little hands.
I need to travel just a little more!
Before I put my feet back on the floor.

I cannot give up this young heart of mine, I think it will grow much older in future time.
But for now I just want to be young and free, sharing the world with everything I see.


Heavy soul..

I took a breath
The air was thinning out
I couldn’t even utter a shout…


I held my future in my hands.
It was too difficult to take a stand.
What road will I take,
When everything around me shakes.

This life pushes me to the extreme.
Sometimes I wish it was just a nasty dream,
I would much rather fight a dragon or go on a journey than sit here, unknowingly, on my knees.

My soul was open and I let it all in,
Now it’s too heavy, pulling my skin.
Have you seen how old I have become?
Making me feel almost numb.
Tears no longer seem to stay.
Not in the night and not in the day,
Dried up and without emotion.
No one could ever make a notion.


This life was meant to be a fight?
I don’t know…
Something just ain’t right.
But I guess I’ll keep on trying,
Think I’m just tired of lying!
Telling everyone everything is okay,
When all I want, is one a peaceful day.

Dear Dandelion…


Dear Dandelion
Little lions foot

I saw you moving between the grass and shrubs today. ..
So full of life, lighter than light.
The wind moves you from left to right.

There are so many legends about you, yet you are thriving in simplicity.
So small but so strong.

Wind gently comes and let you set flight into the sky, allowing your wonder to spread..

I’ll let you in on a little secret.
My brother use to believe that fairies sent their messages using you because you travel so far, so quickly with the wind, never just stopping half way through, just stopping when it’s the right spot for you.

Gently you flew,
Without a sound.
You just keep moving,
You never hit the ground.

Children try to catch you.
Blowing you up high.
Allowing you once more, to enjoy a moment in the sky.

Down and up;
Up and down,
You finaly find the perfect spot on the ground.

You silently settle,
Just like a petal.
Ready to grow,
Not too fast or too slow.

But on a day, your wonder will enrich another soul.
The day you open and let your colours show.
Not afraid of who will see,
Just being the best dandelion you can be.

I think I may need some more caution tape

The bright yellow lables were caught between my ribs. Covering each part of my chest as a danger zone.





There has been an accident. . .
I can feel the chaos, everywhere in my body.
Overheating my mind, making me feel dizzy with pain.
My chest tighten,  my breath flows away, my lungs start to empty and I feel like there’s no reason to stay.

I love too easily
I love like you fall asleep..
First slowly, and then all at once.
Please stay?….
But no one every really does.
In life your not allowed to keep anything, except memories.

Life is painfully progressive at most.
We find ways to cope, but not all of them last long
But we live. We put one foot in front of the other and we keep going.
And if you would ask me :
“Do you still believe in magic?”
My answer will still be

… Courage


Break me, move me, shake me.
Hold me, fold me, let me stick.
Tell me things to calm my soul,
Help me to always show. 
Help me to keep together when everything is falling apart.
Give me hope for a brand new start.
Fill me with courage and will to always go through.
Sticking to what I say I will always do.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself
is to set new goals.
Life will never be a challenge if you keep on
comparing yourself to someone you once were.
Start thinking about who you are now and what
you want for the future.

The ocean is love

The ocean is love in its most human form


Shallow at some point, at the beginning, but it deepens to unmeasurable depths.
It’s the brightest blue, reflecting all the happiness around, soaking up the warmth of the sun, kissing the earth with its presence.


But when clouds turn dark and it starts to rain, it draws in.
Darker eruptions of waves covering the core, in complete chaos.


Wrecking everything,  outing anger as some part of it hurts, dies.


Trying to protect all the irreplaceable things, but somehow all defences fail, and it’s lost.
In the end, breaking down.
A scary calmness, restlessly moving two waves forward and one wave back.


Leading all its brokenness ashore, waiting for someone to pick up all the broken pieces and let it know.