Dear Dandelion…


Dear Dandelion
Little lions foot

I saw you moving between the grass and shrubs today. ..
So full of life, lighter than light.
The wind moves you from left to right.

There are so many legends about you, yet you are thriving in simplicity.
So small but so strong.

Wind gently comes and let you set flight into the sky, allowing your wonder to spread..

I’ll let you in on a little secret.
My brother use to believe that fairies sent their messages using you because you travel so far, so quickly with the wind, never just stopping half way through, just stopping when it’s the right spot for you.

Gently you flew,
Without a sound.
You just keep moving,
You never hit the ground.

Children try to catch you.
Blowing you up high.
Allowing you once more, to enjoy a moment in the sky.

Down and up;
Up and down,
You finaly find the perfect spot on the ground.

You silently settle,
Just like a petal.
Ready to grow,
Not too fast or too slow.

But on a day, your wonder will enrich another soul.
The day you open and let your colours show.
Not afraid of who will see,
Just being the best dandelion you can be.


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