Heavy soul..

I took a breath
The air was thinning out
I couldn’t even utter a shout…


I held my future in my hands.
It was too difficult to take a stand.
What road will I take,
When everything around me shakes.

This life pushes me to the extreme.
Sometimes I wish it was just a nasty dream,
I would much rather fight a dragon or go on a journey than sit here, unknowingly, on my knees.

My soul was open and I let it all in,
Now it’s too heavy, pulling my skin.
Have you seen how old I have become?
Making me feel almost numb.
Tears no longer seem to stay.
Not in the night and not in the day,
Dried up and without emotion.
No one could ever make a notion.


This life was meant to be a fight?
I don’t know…
Something just ain’t right.
But I guess I’ll keep on trying,
Think I’m just tired of lying!
Telling everyone everything is okay,
When all I want, is one a peaceful day.


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