I stood there at the edge of time
With wind blowing through this hair of mine
The sun danced ever so softly of my skin, making the breath turn deep within.
I couldn’t help but smile,
And it lasted more than a little while.
I realised how lucky I am today,
Knowing that I have yet another day.
In life, there is nowhere to run, no place to hide, but I can’t say that we haven’t all tried.
But.. it just hit me , and it was life sized.. We are truely blessed..
We just have to open our eyes
Seeing everything that means happiness to me
Truely grateful is what I want to be.


Changed my life

The cursor went crazy
The first time you gave me a hug.
It may have changed my life
Allowed me jump to the safe side of the knife


Generously giving gracefully.
With wide-eyed willingness, without withholding.
Extreme emotional expression exerted
Taking toughness.. and
Slowly, secretly stitching soul
Fixing fundamentally fragile fragments.

Hands holding hope, having had hardships.
Magnificently moving mountains, motivating more.
Living like love levitates.
Letting liberation lose loneliness.

Revealing redemption from all that binds good to the bad.
Treasuring thankfulness together and true, just remember, I will always be here for you.

A dedication to my best friend.
You are a bright star
Love you
Now and always

Until I’m ashes to ashes and dust to dust

My eyes opened up wider..
My soul exposed to the withering world


I sat there, right in the middle of my mind. I was looking for something I couldn’t find. What was this thing that would bind me to breaths and a pumping heart, what makes me wake up for every morning to start.

The room was silent with screaming voices.. and I could hear the ideas drip from my imagination into the pool of possibilities..


Drip drip droplets of days.
Showing me all the right and wrong ways.
My feet trailing a path. I kept tripping over stones.
Hurting my legs and hurting my bones.
Slowly crawling on the floor for the fiftieth time.
Like standing up was the hardest punishment just like a crime.
But I will have to die to back down and never stand up, that is the only way I would say: “I’ve had enough”..

I will wear my colour and I will wear my black, I will go off road and I will get back on track..

But I won’t stay down.
You hear me, please!

It will be written, that I had something to say. Life has had me on my knees, it tried to keep me astray.
I’ll be fighting, I will never give up.
I will keep on fighting until I’m ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

… There will be light

                     Let it be known
     That even the darkest night passes
           And all will be light again..


Gliding with my heart:
Over planets and stars.

Into the eyes of the people I see, they show their coloured souls to me.
Each with a battle, a struggle, a lot of pain, but yet they love like they need nothing to gain.
A broken smile harbouring peace, just like the wind in the trees.

I’m not sure I can look you in the eyes and tell you all will be better soon.
That happiness will come in the morning or when it’s noon.
But I know a little secret
I know a little truth
We weren’t made or meant to ever be blue.
We were born to be great,
To take a leap,
To swim when the water gets too deep.

So take your problems
Heavy as stone
Take them all, and bring them home.
Carve them down until very soon,
It will be the very stone to use,
Building your stairs to success.
One day, overcoming problems will leave you blessed.

So you’ll be stronger, just last the night.
It can’t always be winter, there will be light


… Potent Piano


Potent piano
Playing pieces, prolonging passion.
Slowly successfully salvaging sounds surrounding souls.
Destroying devilish destruction deliberately.
Abiotic abundance altered,  airing aliveness.
Essence escalating. Evolutionary eruptions evoking energy.
Magnetic movements made magically.
Fragrant fumes filling fear. Forgiveness falling fascinatingly.
Peaceful smiles delaying all earthly manifestations with freedom and happiness to all that open their hearts to listen