… There will be light

                     Let it be known
     That even the darkest night passes
           And all will be light again..


Gliding with my heart:
Over planets and stars.

Into the eyes of the people I see, they show their coloured souls to me.
Each with a battle, a struggle, a lot of pain, but yet they love like they need nothing to gain.
A broken smile harbouring peace, just like the wind in the trees.

I’m not sure I can look you in the eyes and tell you all will be better soon.
That happiness will come in the morning or when it’s noon.
But I know a little secret
I know a little truth
We weren’t made or meant to ever be blue.
We were born to be great,
To take a leap,
To swim when the water gets too deep.

So take your problems
Heavy as stone
Take them all, and bring them home.
Carve them down until very soon,
It will be the very stone to use,
Building your stairs to success.
One day, overcoming problems will leave you blessed.

So you’ll be stronger, just last the night.
It can’t always be winter, there will be light



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