Until I’m ashes to ashes and dust to dust

My eyes opened up wider..
My soul exposed to the withering world


I sat there, right in the middle of my mind. I was looking for something I couldn’t find. What was this thing that would bind me to breaths and a pumping heart, what makes me wake up for every morning to start.

The room was silent with screaming voices.. and I could hear the ideas drip from my imagination into the pool of possibilities..


Drip drip droplets of days.
Showing me all the right and wrong ways.
My feet trailing a path. I kept tripping over stones.
Hurting my legs and hurting my bones.
Slowly crawling on the floor for the fiftieth time.
Like standing up was the hardest punishment just like a crime.
But I will have to die to back down and never stand up, that is the only way I would say: “I’ve had enough”..

I will wear my colour and I will wear my black, I will go off road and I will get back on track..

But I won’t stay down.
You hear me, please!

It will be written, that I had something to say. Life has had me on my knees, it tried to keep me astray.
I’ll be fighting, I will never give up.
I will keep on fighting until I’m ashes to ashes and dust to dust.


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