… Broke the ice

It was just a moment before
I leaned over
I didn’t ever have time
to look over my shoulder
Back to everything pushing.


No reason to return.
I just took the step…


I broke the ice.
It might have cut me here and there.
But I had to take the dive, there are no stairs.
Colder than cold, it swallowed me whole, forgetting all I ever have been told.

What is this love that everyone speaks about?
The thing pulling you from the depths,
That thing that leaves you without regrets…


I am captured by the words I never say
I choose to leave them for the “right day”.
But now I am sure that it will never come. It’s going to be left… undone

Where do the feelings go?
After everything goes quietly still.
What should be used, to fill:
The open emptyness, the pain alive,
The reason I even took the dive.

Danger filling my lungs as I run, pushing further than I should instead.
And when it’s done, I’ll cry on my bed.

Love has fled.
And I am left here on my bed…
Filled with regrets,
Of words I never said….


So I’ll swim through the tears,
The ones no one ever hear.
I’ll hit the shore, and seek some warmth, To fill the cold, to help me fold.

Because sometimes I think we all are a little lost, in moments of bliss…
Searching for someone who doesn’t even exist.


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