…Your existence gives me hope


This life is quite difficult I must say
It always tries to pull us away
Words cutting grooves
Leaving invisible wounds

Hold on tight, things might get rough
But we are young and we are tough
I will always be by your side
In the sunny days
And through the darkest nights

Beautiful things we will soon see
There is a better life for you and me
Just don’t give up
You’ll see it soon
That I’m always here, and I’ll always love you


… Forgive me


I don’t know what I have become
Sometimes the only words I know is :
I’m done, done done!

My heart is too soft and I care too much, I get trampled on by the ones I trust.

Forgive me if I never trust again.
Because you, oh dearest, caused this pain!
I’m burning,  burning,  up in flames.
I am sorry, I’m done playing these games.

My heart is heavy and my soul never stays, this is me, stuck in a haze.
Becauae the ones I love, only hurts me so
This is me
I’m ready to go.