Strong, beautiful, brave


One and one
Two in one
I found a little warmth in the sun
Next to you
I’m never blue

When your soul met mine
It was a meeting so divine
Made me walk a straighter line
But if you were to ask me..
It was about high time

Hand in hand
Lives unplanned
Talking about the future yet to be
Drawing lines
Connecting you and me
Wishing that we were boundless
Truly free

Don’t let go
There is still some road ahead…
Let’s take it slow
Go with the flow
Soak up the sun and wait to grow

I’ll be here
When things go cold
I will bend and I will fold
I’ll keep you safe.. just like you were told
Until we see the sun again, yellow as gold

Just hold on
We’ll make it through
I will take away your tears
And you won’t be blue

Remember this..
It’s very true..
Really really
love you..




And I close my eyes and time starts to fly, but bad dreams come along and I try to hide, but nothing helps, the time abides, it’s all I get when I had to cry

Please help!!
please stop!!
I try to yell!!!!
But it’s like I’m in a glass box and no one gives a hell!

So I ask..

Why do we have to fight the tears away?
Why do feelings hurt and always stay?

I don’t like this and the fights has to stop, because I can’t lose this life, it’s the only one I’ve got