…We run


In the mountains
Like wild horses we run
Catching glimpses of the light with the rising if the sun
Wind through our manes
Breath in our lungs
We speed through this world
Like a speeding bullet from a gun

But we come to rest
With the smallest of ease
The raging winds becomes a breeze
Together we stay
Near water and hay
Until the sun meets us again
On the outstretched plains


… Done fighting


I have this anger inside of me
I hit the wall
They break my dreams
When will they open their eyes
and start to see
All that they are doing, is destroying me

Broken knuckles
Red vine eyes, from every occasion I ever cried.

I can’t do this, cant do it anymore
Rather leave me behind standing at the door
I can’t do it.. I can’t do it anymore
I am left broken and you started the war

With word and gestures you never meant
I’m pulling on the shortest end
Broken days and endless nights

I am done, fighting these fights