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… My beacon


I want you to write me a letter
Something from the heart
Explaining how we’ll never be apart

I need you to write me a song
About us being strong

And I am writing this poem
Saying you are my home

Throughout this world, near or far
Keeping you close is all that matters to my heart

No matter near…
No matter far…
You are my only beacon
My shining star

I will find my way
In nights and in days
For you are the only one
Who knows my souls way..

So I write you this
Just to let you know
Some things might end, and others grow

But I tell you this
I’ll always show
Because I love you
And that’s all i know


… Just driving


Behind the wheel, and I’m driving slow
On the many different kinds of roads, meeting people I would never have known.

Stopping here, and maybe there
Walking on a path
Or sitting on a chair
I must admit
The world is open to me
And if I’m strong enough, I can become whatever I want to be

But I’m on a road
And I’m not quite sure
Of where it is I’m supposed to be

So whether I travel fast or travel slow
I’m don’t know where I will go

But one thing is certain
And one thing I know..
No matter in what direction I’m blown..

Someday I will find a place
And I will call it my home