“That’s life”


“C’est la vie” said a seed to me as it was tumbling into the ground, softly, without making a sound.

Snuggling into the brownish earth, patiently awaiting its rebirth.

I sat to see if green would come, but the rain had started and it left me numb.

After weeks of rain and sun, I saw the rebirth has begun.

Growing roots even in the toughest of weather.. take what life flings and make it better




Completely incomplete
Not easy to defeat.
Perfect imperfections
Easier to see reflection.
Beautiful disaster
Heart beats slower and faster.
Never ending
Always transcending.
Dark and light
Always look at the stars at night. 
Unintentionally deliberate
Make this life a beautiful road trip.
Smile at each other, holding hands, forget all that bothers.
Toes in the sand



Sleeping underneath the hollow trunk tree, dreaming about things you and I both see : Ground and flowers,  a little stream, a shallow pond, a sunlight beam…

I wake at the noise of giggling ayè, and to my suspicious a fairy there play.

I hold my finger, she grabs it fast.
Doing a curtsey, the meeting short to last.

She flies into the sky with her little fairy wings, throwing me with dust, such shining things.
Suddenly I feel tired
So slow..
So weak..
Find myself on the grass, softly falling asleep.

She whispers in my ear, sleep tight my dear. Always remember to live without fear.
When you wake, the sun will be high, and you’ll feel the heat here where you lie.

Stand up, be strong, move along.
But remember this day, for here I will stay, forever in your imagination, take this here invitation.

Come back to the hollow trunk tree..
I will always be here to see.
Then we can walk hand in hand.. slowly along the stream with our toes in the sand.



When my heart met my soul, they were both in disagreement :
On which way they were to find their freedom.

Options to choose, one would lose.
Until the day, they found in dismay.

Freedom is an unlikely thing.
You won’t find its door or with a bell you ring.

It finds it way.
Into each inspiring day.
To those who do for others more.
It comes to you when you are with the ones you most adore.

Love is the secret.
Make it your aim.
Let love be the oxygen,  
to your flame

.. Queen mooN ..


She was wearing her ice crystal halo, in the morning after night.
She gathered her bright shining army, ready for the fight.

Like a queen se shone her light, making it known to all.
That she will only be going ’round, she was not about to fall.

“Tell the world I’m coming home!” she announced, while her fancy crystals wildly flounced.

And like war heroes they stood and await, in that morning before day.

Let me be…


Crying in the shower..
Blame my red eyes on the soap..
I pull my blanket over me,            wishing it was an invisibility cloak..
I stand in the wind, hoping it would carry me away…    
I look up at the distant moon, willing her to stay..
Making all these wishes, they never go away..
I guess wished were made to dream about, in the night and day..

Let me be a stonger me..
Someone young and free.. 
Let me be the braver one, never make me want to run..
Give my heart the courage.  
Give my soul a clamp..
Please send me someone special, to hold destiny’s little lamp..
Always let me remain grateful, for everything I have, never to take for granted all that will somehow pass.

Best friend like you..


Glow in the dark.
You shine so bright.
Even more, than my cheesy moon at night.

Thank you for giving me a chance to breathe and let my spirit fly.
You are the best friend in the world and no one can deny.

Keep on smiling like you do.
Within you people will see the truth.
That living angels still do exist.
Knowing you is total bliss.

Always keep smiling
Never be blue
Just remember one thing
This friend will always be grateful for you