Me, Myself and.. You?


Myself, and..
I’m so sorry for making you blue
But if I really have to tell you the truth..
I don’t think I feel the same about you.

I really care, I really do..
But I’m sorry..
I am not in love with you.

You want promises and rainbows and love galore..
But I am fallen, and I’m on the floor.
I guess, some broken hearts don’t want to be fixed, just like there’s no mending two broken sticks..

I really care, I really do..
But I’m sorry..
Am not
in love with you


… I think and I believe


I believe that the sands of today blows into tomorrow.
I think nights and days melt together.
I think my one breath sometimes meets the next, with a silent wish for peace.
I hope everything we do, we do with love, without noticing.

I believe in touch, in the fact that reassurance changes lives
I believe in the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is just a lamp helping me into the next tunnel, so I will be safe.

I don’t believe everything happens for a reason, I believe our choices will determine the outcome of where we will be.

I believe in people
I choose to trust
I care naturally

Because nothing goes unnoticed
There aren’t any coincidences…
We shape our own lives..
And all we can do is to pray for guidance.

… Just driving


Behind the wheel, and I’m driving slow
On the many different kinds of roads, meeting people I would never have known.

Stopping here, and maybe there
Walking on a path
Or sitting on a chair
I must admit
The world is open to me
And if I’m strong enough, I can become whatever I want to be

But I’m on a road
And I’m not quite sure
Of where it is I’m supposed to be

So whether I travel fast or travel slow
I’m don’t know where I will go

But one thing is certain
And one thing I know..
No matter in what direction I’m blown..

Someday I will find a place
And I will call it my home

… Broken smiles with broken teeth


I have noticed so many times before
That these days
There are more and more open houses with broken doors.
The windows missing and and no more colour to be seen..
I think this life has become like a very bad dream.

I walk past children
They look into me
With wallowing eyes and broken teeth
Parents that scream
Packing there things
Leaving, never again to be seen..

Dear child
Just stay strong
You have done nothing wrong!
Hold on!
Hold on!
One day you’ll be great..
And this time you will learn, from your parents mistakes.

You still have tomorrow
Yesterday is gone
That means you have a future
Please just hold on

Dry those tears
Sticky on your cheek
Give me that broken smile
Your happiness will last forever
and this weeping just a little while

…I think differently

I guess I am not the same
That makes me different
I’m okay with that.


Don’t get me wrong!
I think it’s great?
When you are living a life,
with a “too full” plate.
You live your life like all those before:
Marrying someone you adore;
Having a kid, or two or thee…..

Uhm.. I’m not sure that’s the life for me.
I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t have a plan.
I won’t be just marrying anytime soon.

Because my love is different
It still needs to mould
Because I don’t think love is love
When it has to be sold.

Someday. .
I know
That a better love will fill my soul.

I don’t have a picture, or an idea of who it might be.
But I just know
Out there
Is a better love
Just waiting for me

… Broke the ice

It was just a moment before
I leaned over
I didn’t ever have time
to look over my shoulder
Back to everything pushing.


No reason to return.
I just took the step…


I broke the ice.
It might have cut me here and there.
But I had to take the dive, there are no stairs.
Colder than cold, it swallowed me whole, forgetting all I ever have been told.

What is this love that everyone speaks about?
The thing pulling you from the depths,
That thing that leaves you without regrets…


I am captured by the words I never say
I choose to leave them for the “right day”.
But now I am sure that it will never come. It’s going to be left… undone

Where do the feelings go?
After everything goes quietly still.
What should be used, to fill:
The open emptyness, the pain alive,
The reason I even took the dive.

Danger filling my lungs as I run, pushing further than I should instead.
And when it’s done, I’ll cry on my bed.

Love has fled.
And I am left here on my bed…
Filled with regrets,
Of words I never said….


So I’ll swim through the tears,
The ones no one ever hear.
I’ll hit the shore, and seek some warmth, To fill the cold, to help me fold.

Because sometimes I think we all are a little lost, in moments of bliss…
Searching for someone who doesn’t even exist.

…Dear writers

The sweet sounds of words weave through my ears.


Please read to me, in your mind and out loud. Let me hear your beautiful voice form the words somewhere between your mouth and soul.

Running in the desert,
Laying under stars.

Or maybe I may be a spy, in a casino where I’m playing games.

I am standing on a battlefield, with bombs and aeroplanes.
Or maybe in a garden, sitting like there’s nothing more that strains.

Moving with the elephants over cities and the sea.
Riding on a horse, or a tortious or a bee..

And yet, everywhere I’ve been to, everything I see, is in this little binding, this little book I read

Gentle and magic writers,  you give me such a gift. Your wonders will be forever, in this mind you came to stitch.